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Internship Bridgestone

Internship Bridgestone

Join Our Internship Program

  •  Corporate Communication (Copywriter)
  •   Corporate Communication (Design)
  •   Programmer/Application Developer
  •  Electrical Maintenance
  •   Mechanical Maintenance
  •   Safety, Health, Environment
  •   Industrial Relation
  •   Talent Management
  •  Tax & Treasury


  •  Undergraduate student. Minimum 5th semester.
  •  Willing to come to Office at least 3 days a week.
  • PLACEMENT : Karawang except Mechanical position.

Send your CV to https://bitly/InternBridgestone Open until 30 September 2021

CONFIDENTIAL: document Is only for use by you In relation to your polantiiil and/or aau.l Dist/ass collaborations with PT Beldgestone Tile Indonesia. The Information contained in this document is confidential to PT Bridgestone The Indonesia and may no: by risclovad, reproduced or redistributed to any third party without the prior written consent of Pt Bridgestone Tire Indonesia.